Training in neuropsychology has fostered an ongoing interest in working with trauma and chronic illness in the family context. Eating disorders are an area of expertise, and Dr. Miller works often with this population as a team member, along with a psychiatrist, internist, and dietician. As trauma histories are often seen in conjunction with eating disorders and/or chronic illness, Dr. Miller has pursued ongoing training in trauma and recovery treatment. Her first career in the performing arts has made her uniquely qualified to work with singers and actors on performance enhancement and stress management.

Dr. Miller is also a Level II trained EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) provider. EMDR is frequently a helpful adjunct to 'talk therapy,' not only in working through trauma, but also in learning to manage stage fright for actors, singers, and public speakers. Dr. Miller uses Affect Management Skills Training (AMST) as needed, which is helpful in managing panic and affective dysregulation (a skill set which partners well with Dialectical Behavior Training). Brainspotting, a newer technique from the EMDR world, has proven useful in working with trauma, anxiety, and a variety of somatic concerns.

Dr. Miller received her doctorate from ISPP/Chicago with specialized training in couples and family work. She was trained at the University of Chicago (Adult Neuropsychology), followed by training in community mental health in Niles, Illinois (Niles Family Services), and interning at Linden Oaks Hospital at Edward, in Naperville, IL.

She joined The Phoenix Institute (a group practice specializing in the treatment of trauma and PTSD) in 2001, then moved into private practice in 2004.

Dr. Miller presented on diversity issues and eating disorders at the 2003 National Association for Eating Disorders (NEDA) conference, and appeared in January 2004 on the NBC program Starting Over, where she facilitated a body imagery group. Dr. Miller presented at the 2004 International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (IAEDP) conference on the use of EMDR and AMST in treating eating disorders and trauma. She presented on the same topic for the Linden Oaks Hospital at Edward's Professionals Series in February 2005. Dr. Miller presents yearly on dissociation related topics and the use of EMDR/AMST for the local chapter of ISSD (International Society for the Study of Dissociation).

Professional memberships include NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association), IAEDP (International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals), ISST-D (international Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation), ISTSS (International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies), SEPI (Society for Psychotherapy Integration) and EMDRIA (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing International Association).